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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best way to lose weight - I lost 73 pounds

I lost 73 pounds in about 6 months.  In the first 2 months I lost 27 pounds.   Growing up and into my 30s I was skinny in fact when I was 39 years old I was still around 150-160 pounds.  Over the next few years I ballooned up to a whopping 240 pounds.   I am 5' 10"... So how did I do it?  The answer may surprise if you have any questions please fill free to blog me here and I will chat with ya about it.   It now has been 2 years and I am about 180 pounds and feel great!   I am 53 years old and my health is a concern to me.


  1. Hey Doug, first of all congrats on the weight loss and you are looking good. Myself, being only 5'4", any weight I put on shows up on me especially in my face.
    I shot up to nearly 185 pounds 3 years ago and then with major life changes and back surgery I dropped to around 171 and have since put back on around 3 pounds.
    I can say that I would like to loose another 20-25 pounds especially for my health and I would love to be able to play ball again.
    I too am now 53 and only a few years ago I had to have an angioplasty and would prefer to avoid another.

  2. You look great! I am driven to lose the weight and keep it off this time, please let me know and i do know more women who want to know. love your sis, kris

  3. Lynn:
    171 pounds is probably pretty good for you - way to go!!! You know how difficult it can be to keep it off. Skinny people - those with that type of metabolism - think that people who are fat just eat too much!!!! I don't think its true. Everyone has their own body makeup and chemistry and we have to live with what we are dealt. My body started to change around age 35-39 and I just say the weight start creeping up on me....I wasn't eating any differently - just my metabolism was slowing down.
    When I got to 240 pounds - I felt terrible and looked worse. I tried playing basketball and I couldn't do it.
    I had to learn what I could and couldn't do with respect to my diet.
    Here's what I beleive:
    1) Exercise is good for you but you won't loses much weight doing it. You will gain strength and stamina and make your heart stronger but lose weight? Nope!
    2) Low fat diets don't work - they are actually liars. The problem is we have been programed to believe what is good for us. Some low fat food is good for you - but if you are over weight, you will need to compensate by avoiding things that pack weight on - Unsweetened oatmeal is good for you - everyone knows this - however - if you want to lose weight you must stop eating it until you have lost the weight - then when you get your life back in balance then you can eat a more balanced diet - but until then you have to do a compensating diet - and not eat some foods for a while.
    3) Eat only 20 - 30 grams of carbs a day - learn what a carb is. Basically it is sugar - and its in everything. Don't eat bread - tortillas, fruit, deserts, candy, pretzels, chips, oatmeal, cereal, milk, juice, potatoes, rice, beans - they are all packed with carbs.
    4) the good news is that you can eat as much meat as you want - interluding fish, foul, beef, pork, bacon - whatever -DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE FAT more later...

  4. so here's the rest...4) continued - eat as much salad and green leafy stuff as you want - also mushrooms, broccoli. Eat as much cheese, eggs and butter that you want and don't worry about the fat. enjoy.
    You can have some cottage cheese and cream cheese as well.

    Don't believe the stuff they say about Atkins Diet as being unhealthy - you eat pretty much the same meat and eggs as everyone else - you just leave out the other stuff.

    5) after a few days leaving out the carbs with NO CHEATING- That is the KEY NO CHEATING - you will lose 5 pounds straight away and you won't be hungry - until you cheat - then you have to start the process over.

    6) I eat pretty much what I want now and kick the diet back in if I start gaining back the weight - I am more aware of the carb content of everything - if I choose to put it into my mouth

    7) don't mix and match diets - it doesn't work - yes oatmeal is healthy as part of a balanced diet - but it will KILL THIS DIET PLAN.

    Its very easy - go out to eat - have a steak with broccoli and a salad with blue cheese - put butter on the steak and let it melt - get grilled mushrooms too - and a diet coke - leave out the dessert and snacks

  5. finally - read the Atkins stuff - it IS a healthy diet - even those with heart problems -